Established in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 1987. Bringing creative, supportive and quality oriented lessons individually tailored to each and every student. Focusing on teaching from basic skills of coordination, note reading, articulation and good work habits, to sound production, interpretation, technique and relaxation, basic harmony and ear training.

Every lesson includes the components of technique, repertoire, sight reading and theory. Repertoire consists of a wide variety of pieces from Bach to Gershwin, Boogie to Rag. Pieces are chosen jointly with the student.

Twice a year, in December and June, students will perform in recitals for family and friends.


My Approach:

With the philosophy of the “the kid as a whole” approach, I aim at creating an environment that helps kids enjoy the process of learning music, that encourages students to take charge of their work and helps them develop into independent and critical musicians and thinkers. I believe in nurturing the aspirations of every student and inspiring in them a life long love of music.


Ida Barak

Ida Barak has toured widely in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States. She has recorded recitals including live performances for television and radio.

A former scholarship student of Menahem Pressler, pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio and Alexander Volkov, pianist of the Israel Trio. She has won numerous awards and played in master-classes with Claude Frank, Jamie Laredo, Janos Starker, Gyorgy Sebok, Leonard Rose, Pierre Fournier and others. She holds a master of music degree from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Music and Artist Diploma in Chamber Music from Rubin Academy. Ida was the founder and the artistic director of the Brooklyn Conservatory Music Series from 1989-1991. As a piano teacher, Ida has taught at music schools, conservatories in Germany, Israel and the United States, including Indiana University and Boston University.


What others say about Ida:

Recommendations by well-known musicians:

Gyorgy Sebok: Outstanding gifted pianist and a true musician whose performances show great inspiration and artistic intensity.

Menahem Pressler: A very good pianist with unusual sensitivity, a beautiful tone, and carefully thought out phrasing.

Janos Starker: Exceptionally gifted pianist, musician and a serious artist.

Alexander Volkov: Extremely gifted pianist, always displaying an interesting personality, a clear intellectual force and a compelling musicality.

Josef Gingold: A pianist of wonderful talent. Her splendid musicianship, brilliant technique and sensitivity is highly regarded by all.

For more information and to inquire about lessons and rates, please call 718.499.7782, or send e-mail to: info@barakpianostudio.com

Students about Ida:

Louisa Ballhaus,
student of 5 years, age 10:

“My favorite part of the lesson is when Ida plays several pieces for me and then lets me choose which one I like the best!”

Jim Barziller
former adult student:

“I would like to tell you about my former piano teacher, Ida Barak. Ida is a master teacher.

She is technically rigorous and shows her students the fine details of how to make the right sounds on the piano, how to listen like a musician, how to read music and how to understand what is happening in a piece. She has a profound love of music, especially classical music, and makes appreciating and conveying the beauty of a piece the top priority.

Ida is a person with a wide range of interests, experiences and abilities who takes a deep interest in the lives of her students. She radiates pride of accomplishment and is devoted to helping her students achieve both as players and people.”

Pam Katz,

“It is rare to find a great performer who is also a great teacher, but we were lucky to discover Ida Barak. She inhabits the world of music as only an artist can, and generously shares her gifts.

In practical terms, this means she can customize her instruction and selection of music to suit each individual student. Right from the start, her students receive rock-solid technical training, but without losing sight of the importance of expressing their individuality through the music.”

George Hagen,
Parent of student of 6 years:

“When Ida Barak taught my son piano, she recognized not only the potential musician, in him, but also the particular music that spoke to him. 

It was a marvel to see, at the end-of-year recital, how she had encouraged him to put his own character into his performances.

Veronica Gonzalez,
Student of 7 years, age 17:

“What is a teacher? Someone who guides you on your studies, acts as the knowledgeable voice of experience, and helps you set goals for yourself. But why describe a mentor with such basic requirements? As a mentor, Ida goes beyond most teachers because music truly is her life's passion.

She pushes you in the right direction, speaks honestly with understanding, and searches for new heights for you to reach. She knows each student on a personal level, and more than many teachers do, she teaches you to love her subject.”

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